What to Expect From an Initial Consultation

The first session is an opportunity to decide together with your therapist if their particular style of talking therapy is right for you. The relationship between you and your therapist is one of the most important features of therapy and it is essential that you feel comfortable working together. You will be asked some questions in order for some background information to be gathered and this is the time for you to ask your questions of your therapist as well. In the event that you do not wish to proceed, your therapist will endeavour to provide you with ideas for alternative provision.

If you do decide to continue then a set time and date will be made for you to begin regular, weekly 50 minute sessions.  In some cases more than one session per week may be recommended.  It is a really good idea to commit to 6 sessions in the first instance in order to familiarise yourself with the process and be sure that you have made the best choice of therapist for yourself at this time.